a customer on a landing page

Nowadays, landing pages are critical tools in digital marketing. They compel the visitors to take action, making them convert to the campaign, hence collecting information that is important for the growth of the business. Even by simply asking for an email or signing up to get a free trial, this page impacts directly on a campaign’s performance. A well-planned landing page should give many conversions, while a bad one will have a negative impact. This will not only lower the possibility of getting customers but also damage your business reputation online. Business seeking to have landing pages and sales funnels can check out the Clickfunnels vs Leadpages comparison to have a better understanding of the best company to work with when creating these tools.
Below are some mistakes related to landing pages you need to avoid:

Slow Page Speed

The loading time of the landing page impacts directly the rate of conversion. This page should not take more than two seconds when loading as the visitors might lose interest and conversion lost. Improving the speed of loading a website is normally easy. If not sure on how to optimize the landing page for load time, you can use tools like PageSpeed Insights. It will help you identify elements that are taking a long time to load. Speed has the biggest impact on the performance of a landing page.

Not A/B Testing Your Landing Pages

not A.B testing your landing pagesThere are no fixed rules when creating a landing page. One aspect might work well for another business but might not work for you. This makes it necessary to do an A/B test on the landing pages. Split testing is when you create a different variation of a landing page and track conversation to increase the effectiveness. In the process, you can change some website elements which are likely to attract visitors or convert them. Some of the factors to split test include background color, type of offer, and page headline.

Lack of Visuals

lack of visualsAccording to a study, 90 per cent of the information in the brain is processed in a visual format. Therefore, the brain processes a visual much faster than textual information. If the page is not successful in conveying its value proposition, then you can incorporate visuals. You can incorporate a few images of products, videos on how to do, or some quick gifts. This makes it easy for a visitor to understand what the business does and the value he will gain from it. These images have to be relevant making them effective at helping the visitors understand what they will get. An image can be a perfect tool to remove doubt or ambiguity, encouraging a prospect to start a trial.…